Service NSW

Service NSW

Service NSW

Organisation: Service NSW / NSW Government
Role: UI/UX
Year: 2014-2016

I did Visual and UI/UX design for the Service NSW Digital Customer Experience Team. I created the UI styleguide, and worked on the UX and UI design for many complex government transactions, including wireframes and hi-fidelity prototype screens. There were always many stakeholders and requirements to take into consideration. I worked closely with other UX designers, business managers, 3rd party developers and digital agencies. Shown above is just a snippet of work I did. Please contact me to view more work since most government projects I worked on were confidential. Some of the projects I worked on: Service NSW Digital Licensing mobile app, NSW Police website, NSW Fair Trading transaction forms, Renew Rego/Driver Licence forms, Service NSW Account Creation, Payments Platform, Service NSW Website Redesign, UI Styleguide.


Photoshop: 100%
Axure: 100%
Prototyping: 70%
UI Design: 100%

Pixels pushed.

Cups of tea consumed.

Hair pulled.