Blue Jasmine

Blue Jasmine


Website for a Woody Allen Film

Client: Sony Pictures Classics / Woody Allen & Co.
Agency: Mixed Media Workshop
Live URL:
Role: Website Design and Development, Flash banners
Year: 2013

Following the creative of the film and poster, I designed and developed this website for the new Woody Allen film “Blue Jasmine” with the help of a developer. This is a responsive parallax site developed with HTML5, CSS, JQuery. The homepage has a looping water-colour video background. I also created flash banners for marketing of the film. This film has won many awards this year, including Cate Blanchett with an Oscar for Best Actress. I also created the Flash banners for marketing the film release.

Skills Used

Photoshop: 90%
FLASH: 20%

Pixels pushed.

Cups of tea consumed.

Lines of code written.