Website for a Film

Client: Sony Pictures Classics
Agency: Mixed Media Workshop
Live URL: http://sonyclassics.com/hysteria
Award: W³ Gold Award 2012
Role: Website Design and Development, Flash banners
Year: 2012

I designed the website following the vintage feel of the film which was based in the Victorian era on a true story about the invention of the vibrator in the 1870’s in England. I used a tiled vintage poster approach for each section of the website from the homepage, which was inspired from one of the scenes in the film. I also found old Victorian ads and fonts for graphics to incorporate into the typography and poster designs. I had a developer help me do the heavy duty coding in html/css/jquery. The website follows a horizontal sliding effect for navigation between sections. I also created the Flash banners for marketing the film release.

Skills Used

Photoshop: 100%
FLASH: 20%

Pixels pushed.

Cups of tea consumed.

Lines of code written.